Important information

The ABB Mission Critical Extranet, previously hosted by Keymile, is being migrated into the ABB environment. The documentation and software, the product news, and the service tools will be provided via a specific “Wired Communication Networks Extranet” dashboard of the myABB business portal. The planned switch-over date is 5th December 2018.
For you as a user of the Extranet a new registration on is required. The steps to be taken are explained below. This information is also available in PDF format, see at the bottom of this page.

Steps to be taken by users

Steps required for logging in to the Wired Communication Networks Extranet

Proceed as follows:

  1. Send an email to the ABB MCS Extranet Webmaster by clicking HERE. Make sure that your sender e-mail address is identical with the email address you will use when signing up on Do not modify the predefined subject and text. Add your e-mail address, first name, last name, country, phone number, preferred language, and company address in the e-mail text. In case you want to register several users for your company, please add their e-mail address, first name, last name, phone number, and preferred language for each of the users.
  2. After receiving your e-mail an administrator will assign your account or the requested accounts, respectively, to the “Wired Communication Networks Extranet” dashboard of the myABB business portal. This can take up to 2 business days. Note that during the initial phase of bulk user registration this may take more time.
  3. Every user will get a confirmation email when their “Wired Communication Extranet” dashboard (on is activated. Check your email inbox and activate your account by clicking on the link you will have received from ABB.
  4. You will see this dashboard when you log in to the myABB business portal.
  5. We recommend you to start the demo tour to see explanations on the widgets provided on that page when you use the “Wired Communication Networks Extranet” dashboard for the first time.

End of instruction.

For opening a trouble ticket related to your ABB products use the “Support Case Tracking” widget. Our case management is based on SFDC. You will be signed on automatically when clicking on the “View more” button of that widget.
If you have any question related to the migration or the “Wired Communication Networks Extranet” dashboard please contact

Please donload and save the instruction available below.

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ABB Extranet Migration Information 1KHW029009 A de/en 559.5 kB pdf